Sunday, December 2, 2012

Joetheinvestor newsletter

The following financial information is available for you in the month of November 2012:

New on my web site is the online store: You will see products for Canadians and Americans on debt management and investments. Stay tuned for new products as well.

The new Qb Talk Show episodes for November feature Jeff Good - Evaluating Donor Dollars Given Today Versus Tomorrow and Paul Pittana – working with a mortgage broker at the links below:
There is also a new Liquid Lunch interview entitled “The End of Money”

How Much Does it Cost to Manage Your Investments? You can save a bundle of money by changing the fees you pay. Read more at the link below:
My blog has entries for November on Canada’s debt situation, the reliability and storage of physical gold, wealthy Americans and the fiscal cliff, the separatists in the United States and the disconnect between the policy makers and the unemployed.

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