Monday, March 27, 2017

Book Review: The Profitable Professional

  Jim Pagiamtzis Review:
      "Thin book but a powerful read. Kelly Clifford shares strategies and tips and 3 amazing case studies that prove this book will create results for your business!"

   About book:
The rules have changed. Business clients are now expecting more growth focussed support than ever before and business support professionals must adapt to embrace this changing client paradigm or they will be left behind. This book is written to help business coaches, consultants, advisors and more forward thinking business accountants to embrace this new paradigm so they can build a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business. The 12-step blueprint it provides you with at the end of the book for implementing the 10 key ingredients it covers will help to dramatically fast track your success.

Transforming the profits of your business starts today!

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“A simple no-nonsense book for the professional, big or small. It confronts the key issues surrounding profit and shows you how to come out the other side as the winner.” -- Robert Craven - Author, Grow Your Service Firm

“Kelly has a refreshing writing manner that breaks everything down to the key ingredients that matters. This is a no brainer to read for any professional or business owner!" -- Kerrie Dorman – Founder, Association of Business Mentors

“Packed with words of wisdom and a blueprint for those wanting to establish themselves as coaches, consultants or advisors. Highly recommended.” -- Paul Barnett – Founder & CEO, Strategic Management Forum

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