Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journey to the first day of work!

  This was 1st day to remember!

     It was Monday March 6th and I was excited for the new start, unfortunately I was not in good shape!
    On Sunday March 5th I was involved in rear end collision in my friends Dodge Caravan on the highway 401 near Keele.

    Luckly that she had the large big ass truck that we got off relatively unscathed. We both got out took pictures and did the necessary exchange of information.

   When I got back home that's when the headache started. I took to tylenol and relaxed.

    So I show up to work the first day and the morning everything went well learning, taking notes and then in the afternoon headaches returned!

   I got some rest that night and luckily the sores and headaches have subsided.



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