Monday, March 20, 2017

Journey to ball hockey injury

      It has been a long career of playing sports from baseball, basketball, ball hockey and ice hockey.

      I have minor injuries along the way from strained shoulders, knees and few small concussions.

   On Sunday March 12th, 2017 I was playing ball hockey at the community centre on on Pape and O'Connor.

   I got warmed up as usual, unfortunately I didn't stretch!

     Then game got started just after 6:10pm and I was opted to play defence for the evening. On my second shift  I was tripped by an opposing players stick and felt backward and land on the floor. I quickly got up and resumed my shift.

  On the next shift I went out to play the ball and heading toward centre, then all of sudden I made a sudden move to my right and felt and huge pain down the right side of knee. I immediately fell down on the floor in tremendous pain and the game stopped. I was on the floor for a about an minute and then went to the bench.

     I stayed on the bench for a few minutes and then took a walk toward the hallway of the community centre to see if I could walk of the pain. It began to get worse by the minutes. I tried to run on it and the pain was immense!

    I ended up watching the rest of the game and was still in pain.

  The night and early the next morning my right knee had swollen up completely. I made a call to my 


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