Monday, March 6, 2017

Event Review: DECA Pre #ICDC in Mississauga

               It was an amazing day of learning, sharing and socializing in Mississauga,ONT

      This was a DECA special event preparing students for the DECA championships in Anaheim, CA in a few months.

         The goal of the days was for the students to share their presentation with trainers from various industries and get their feedback on improving their final presentations they have to make in a few short weeks.

            Dianne Ojar Ali and Sujit K Reddy also joined me for the day, We had done some previous events with DECA earlier this years.

           I was excited to learn and share feedback on their powerpoint and presentation skills.

       The students that were at my table were Jessica and Megan and before they day was over they had treated to a few strategies that I was going to us in my career moving forward!

             Megan O'Donnell had the biggest surprise from her presentation when she revealed that this case study was actually being used by the business owner!  It was amazing to see that all her social media strategies were being used and were beginning to show results.

              Jessica had uncovered branding fault with Nivea skin cream. Highly encourage her to reaching out to them to share her findings. She said she would!

            At the end of the day these students had learning better presentation, public speaking skills , how to leverage their personalities

            Look forward to them returning back with 20+ medals for Anaheim, CA in late April

Jim Pagiamtzis at DECA banner

DECA leadership sharing details of the day

registration table

Students and trainer from our table

Group photo of most of the trainers in attendance
Jessica, Jim Pagiamtzis and Megan

        of course  the food!


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