Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spotlight Feature: Steve Kerr

You have great work and life and experience and you decided to write a book, Can you share why?

I wrote this book Jim because 1st   it validates my Purpose. I believe we are all books being lived out. I am a page in your book Jim and you are a chapter in mine.  That said we all have a message to share that can make this world a better place by personally developing ourselves. 

 Most of us just choose to exist rather than living. This brings me to my 2nd reason.  Living to me is leaving a legacy behind for those to follow when I am beyond the grave. Leaving a legacy allows you to transcend time. 

I believe professionals, working a career/job should look into entrepreneurship because being and entrepreneur, you get to control your own economy.   85% of the people you meet do not like their job. They are unhappy, miserable and give off negative vibrations. When you find your PURPOSE, which I can help you with and mix it with PASSION, you can MONETIZE it because everything can be monetized. Most people want to spend time with their family & friends doing what they Love but they are stuck in a rut and dying daily. I have discovered my Purpose & Passion and I am living my Dream.

Why should professionals working a career look into looking into entrepreneurship and having a plan

I can sum up the answer to your Question in one word but I am sure you want the long version. 
Jim I want you to imagine I have a pair of binoculars in my hand. Is it safe to say before the binoculars was a product it was an idea? Is it safe to say the idea came about because the binoculars was a solution to a problem? Therefore the binoculars came into existence with Purpose.

Let's shift now to this earth. Man has learned that every living thing on this earth from the birds to the bees and the water to the trees, has a Purpose! I conclude with this, if man's creations has a purpose, and all of creation has purpose, why not man?  I believe each and everyone of us was given certain gifts and talents that when discovered, harness and practiced will lead us to our destiny.  

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