Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Batemans Bicycle Company has online and offline marketing that works

Riding the street of Toronto I get to see different  types of promotions  by various businesses. Many of them being  normal marketing initiatives. Few months back  as on my way to gym  noticed great sign outside a bike repair shop  in the annex area  which said “ Like our Facebook page and win a bike” by Bateman’s Bicycle Shop (Barton & Bathurst). Look very intriguing and made a mental to visit site online  and went on my way.

That day I logged into Facebook  “liked’ their page and went on my way checking my message s and doing my posts  for the day.

Few months passed and I had a minor bike issue, so I passed by the Bateman’s Bicycle  and they fixed my issue at no charge!  I was impressed! Great customer service.
Couple of months after that received a interesting post card in the local neighborhood mail that was from Bateman’s Bicycle Company (see picture below). It was blue and gold trimming with one side stating the website and address information and on the other side it stated Bateman’s   mail and a Facebook logo saying” Like us on Facebook WIN A BIKE!!) It also included cool poem with a tune-up special for $30 offer was ending on March 31st   I was very impressed!

Spring was coming and we had a very mild winter and it was time to get my Diamond back mountain bike spring cleaning so where did I go? You guessed correctly Bateman’s Bicycle Company.

Dropped of  my bike in on Friday  March 16th and mentioned to the clerk the card offer and he quickly as for my information and stated it will take approximately 7 days for tune-up and any necessary repairs to be completed. Mention to him that I do ride my bike 5 days a week the quicker  they  can get  it done it would be greatly appreciated.

The weather was above seasonal for the month, so walking to the gym and doing other errands was okay, having the bike sooner would still be better. On March 21st  I  called the bike shop and they stated that they were very busy and bikes that were brought in last Thursday we being worked on. Called on March 24th and 25th and they were working on bikes from late last week. I was getting impatient, I should have asked if they have loaners!
On my back from a Constant Contact event in Toronto on Monday March 26th got a phone call from Bateman’s Bicycle company that my bike was ready! I was so excited that I event went to the gym had a great workout and headed  to the shop as quickly as I could.

When I got there was excited to get my bike and go cycling that day!  Had a great conversation with the owner and was explained the repairs that were made to the Diamondback mountain bike. (new back tire and brake strings were replaced.)

I asked him about writing article about his online and offline marketing strategies and he agreed he also shared that he had been interviewed  by various newspapers locally  and nationally in the past year. He had also a successful email marketing campaign using Constant Contact (I was even more excited) as I explained that I was Authorized Local Expert Trainer for Toronto.

He agreed to an article in the future on their grand opening happening in a few months, they also  having a bike swapping program they will announcing soon.

Like Facebook page and win a bike!

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