Monday, April 2, 2012

Creating a Quality Business Card

With the popularity of social media and electronic contacts, many people feel that business cards have become obsolete. On the contrary, business cards are more important today than ever.

Here's 5 things to think about when designing your next business card:
  1. Your business card is a direct reflection on you and your company. A cheap looking card can have a negative impact on your image.
  2. Be sure to only include the social media links that you don't mind your clients seeing. A personal Facebook page should be kept personal.
  3. Think about the stock it will be printed on. A card that feels good to the touch will have a positive impact beyond just its appearance.
  4. If you want your photo on the card, make sure it's professionally taken and "photoshopped" as needed.
  5. Don't leave the back of your card blank. List your services, insert a QR code, or just make lines for writing notes.
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