Friday, April 27, 2012

Brian Tracy was huge success sharing 21st Century Selling in Woodbridge,Ont on April 24th

It was an excited day to finally see Brian Tracy worldwide successful Speaker, Author and Trainer live in Woodbridge,Ont at the Le Jardin Conference where 1000+  participants were treated to full day of training on 21st Century Selling.

I have been a huge fan of Brian Tracy's books for many years. The Flight Plan, Maximum Achievement and Getting Rich Your Own Way.

To finally speak to him and take a picture with him was an exciting moment! (see below).

Had many friends in attendance from Patrick Bizindavyi (great blog!)
Paul Renie, Amil Amerali, Sudjit Muharajee, Representative from Sunlife Financial  (Richmond Hill), Jeff Durbin, Ash Silva, Sona van der Hoop, Randy Chin, Cindy Trip (BNI), Ranee Bhamrah.

Big thanks to Jonathan Weaver and Peak Performers for making this event happen.  for future events

Jim Pagiamtzis sharing his insights on event

Emmanuel Lopez aka Motivatorman sharing his insights

                                             Brian Tracy and Jim Pagiamtzis at event in Le Jardin in Woodbridge

Brian Tracy sharing on Relationship marketing in 21st Century 

 Brian Tracy sharing Seven Secrets to Success in Selling

Jim Pagiamtzis

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