Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spotlight: Janette Burke

Since the days that I started networking it was become very evident that there were many amazing women in the networking world. Have heard and read about them for a long time. In recent years have had the great opportunity to meet and have great conversations.

Recently I appeared a show called Liquid Lunch that airs on Toronto's #1 TV/Radio Internet station That.Channel (thatchannel.com ) to share about my journey of being entrepreneur and sharing my networking insights. In addition to running "The Magnetic Marketing Moment TM" - her monthly marketing/PR segment, Janette Burke is the co-host on the show with Hugh Reilly the 3rd Monday of every month and has interviewed guests in all areas of expertise.

Janette Burke both agree that networking is a fundamental area that every entrepreneurial business owner should be great at. Yes, because no-one can tell and sell their business with as much authenticity, passion and conviction as them!

1. You brand yourself with the motto " your marketing magnet" How did the come with that statement?

It was a process. I was looking for a brand name that would have double meaning and clearly express what I do and why anyone should care. I wanted my new image, brand and message it be very different from the way I was previously known as the Founding publicist of Prime Time PR. I also wanted it to project confidence and build goodwill and trust. As well as show my track record with a benefit or direct result of what clients could expect to achieve from taking my marketing/PR coaching and consulting and working with me. So I began to think about it and play with words. I actually toyed with a couple of other tag lines. My first choice was to call myself 'Your Marketing Mama.' Or 'Your Marketing Maven.' But both were already taken. So back to the drawing board I went. I wanted to come-up with something catchy, unique and memorable that captured who I am, the 15 plus years I spent developing my marketing & promotional skills and all the ways I had used marketing ideas to re-invent myself. At the same time, I also wanted something that conveyed my mission of truly wanting to help FEMPRENEURS lead and succeed in their marketplace by teaching them how to become a marketing magnet and catch more customers. Hence the term 'Your Marketing Magnet' was born.

2. Marketing has change and evolved in the 21st century, via social networking and many other mediums. Marketing ideas are changing on a daily basis. Do you think the simplicity of the message in getting harder to promote?

No, I think entrepreneurs unnecessarily complicate their marketing messages in the face of their competitors and being brilliant - thereby making it much harder than it actually needs to be. I also feel that although Marketing has changed,it's basic principles have not. And we need to remember this rather than reinvent the wheel every time we log on to the Internet. When it comes down to it, Social Media and many other 21st Century mediums that we use to effectively communicate our marketing message and promote ourselves, products and services, are really just tools in a big tool box that we have at our disposal and use to express our marketing message or company's story. However I feel they should be used as though you were sitting beside your ideal prospect talking to them directly. So I'm a big advocate of simplifying your marketing message and getting it down to its distilled essence before Tweeting or posting it somewhere online. And I think the real challenge for most entrepreneurs is producing copy or their written word.

Founding publicist PRIME TIME PR and former editor PRtalk (Canada’s only online PR magazine) JANETTE BURKE, ‘Your Marketing Magnet’… a.k.a. YOUR MARKETING MENTOR… ADVISOR… GUIDE… NETWORKER…ENTHUSIAST and TEACHER is a Toronto, Ontario-based marketing/PR coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, columnist, author and TV Personality. Through the "The Magnetic Marketing/PR Process TM" (TMMPP), Janette offers WOMAN small-to-mid-size business owners, professionals, sales representatives, book authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, C.E.O.’s and marketing directors around the world effective, efficient and affordable 1:1 and group coaching & consulting solutions to help them successfully publicize, promote and GROW their dream business while working less! For more of info, visit her website at www.yourmarketingmagnet.com or email her at janette@yourmarketingmagnet.com.

Jim Pagiamtzis is a published author, writer and entrepreneur who has written for the Toronto Public Library spoken at Universities, Enterprise Toronto, Initiative TO on How to be come a networking Success and How to attract Mentor in Business Life and Success. You can be email payamgis@gmail.com if you interested in being featured in future spotlight articles or have him come and speaking to sales or marketing organizations

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