Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Connected Make it Happen Day!

Networking and creating ongoing relationships leads to days like I had on February 9th,2011

It started by speaking at Trios College in Toronto on How to become a Networking Success. Had great crowd who eager to learn the P-A-R system and how to get results using it. Had a guest attend the event and she was excited on using the system.

In the event did my 1st of 4 talks at the Wellesley Community Centre in Toronto on Business Planning 101 to a group of young entrepreneurs who are looking at starting their own business in the near future.

We put down all their business ideas on paper and had them do exerices on how to make their businesses work from using social media, word of mouth or brick and Motor.

Had some great questions regarding the importance of using your resources and having a mastermind group.

Stay tuned for more updates on further topics in the weeks to come.

That evening attend a networking event held by Neil Jain. He has put together a group of entreprenuers from varoius backgrounds to share the insights on business. This night was a special night because we had a young entrepreneurial woman who shared her story on how she raised 5 million dollars in 30 days. Stay tuned for that video!

We also did a great role-play game where we had a situation where Kevin Oleary was at the Island airport and we had 15 seconds to make our pitch. Everyone participated in this exerice and really learned what it takes to make an effective pitch. Kudos to Neil Jain who did a great imporsanation of Kevin O'Leary.

Hope you enjoyed this update.
Look forward to sharing much more of the Get Connected Make it Happen Lifestyle.
Jim Pagiamtzis

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