Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Sales presentation involved creativity and execution

Recently served as a judge at the Deca Conference at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. There were thousand of students participated in the provincial finals in two day event which tested oral and written knowledge with the opportunity to go to the finals in Orlando, Florida in July. It was a great experience to see these future leaders engaged in conversation, attention to details and being memorable all in 10 minutes!

This opportunity happened due a conversation I had with a teacher from Monarch Park Collegiate 2 years ago at the Small Business Forum in Toronto,from that I did a talk and a keynote for their school last year. Was very honoured to receive an invite to be a judge at this year competition

Below are few areas that were covered in the Marketing segment.

They had only 10 minutes to prepare and execute this presentation. Reading a business scenario and addressing key question regarding the role-play that they hade to find solutions. Two scenarios were an instant coffee company introducing a coffee to their clients and second was a new potato chip that was around for 50years and was to sell its chips to younger target market.

Presented with plan

They sat down across from a judge and had ten minutes to cover questions regarding a particular scenario if appropriate had three questions for the students to answer regarding their plan.
Role of the judge was to evaluate the points made and see if the covers 6 criteria that we had to score them on. From presentation style, facts and presentation style overall.

As the day progressed it was very evident that many of these students were prepared with information. Using written outline to cover what they need to mention, to sharing stories on their insights on their experience. Some great ideas that were presented were really awesome and very well outline. Many of the students let me have their notes and even created a business card (which I thought was very smart idea!).

At the end the day it had been a great experience to not only judge these students and also engage in great conversations which surprised and empowered me to think outside the box in the scope of marketing. Many of the judges agreed that these more about the “experience ” than anything else.

All these students were winner and many will continue their journey on learning about Business, Life and Success. Don’t be surprised in having these young entrepreneurs appear at an event near you in the future.

Will be wearing my Deca pin with pride!

Jim Pagiamtzis

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