Monday, November 5, 2012

Spotlight: Sunil Tulsiani

1st You transitioned  from becoming an OPP officer to a Real Estate investor what prompted you to make the change?  ( paragraph from book below)

Finding a New  Field Making a New Minset

So, how does an ex-platoon commaner go out and make a million dollars on one year? That was literally the million dollar question?

Just like many other people in my position, I began by evaluation as many business and franchise opportunities as I could. The norm for a new business, however, seemed to be a lot of hard work for not a  lot of money. This wouldn’t work forme; so, I kept hunting.

And then, like magic, it happened

I saw an ad about making money in real estate and I realized this was the way for me to go. You could make money and still have time to enjoy like. Of course, once again, there were a few “small” obstacles in my way-like that I had absolutely no experience or any contacts in the business.

I started to attend personal growth training sessions, participated in several weekend boot camps and started to read personal growth books. Like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert  Kiyosaki, Unlimited Power by Tony  Robbins and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind , by T Harv Eker.

But the book that became my  “bible” was Think and Grow Rich, Using some of its principals. I set my goal of making a million dollars in a year, and I posted that goal all over the walls of my house. I was also bold enough to share it with other people, including some of my friends. Most reacted in disbelief, ready to laugh at my “impossible dreams” They thought I had gone crazy. Real Estate pros told me what I intended to was impossible.

So it was unanimous. Failure was my certain destination-at least in everyone else’s mind.

Making Money with Money

You probably already guessed that I did succeed in my own personal “Mission: Impossible” scenario. Well almost.. I  didn’t make a million dollars in my first year. When all was said and done. It turned out I only mad $ 980.000! I thought that was close enough. 

For more on the book click on the link below.

What insights can your share for real estate investors who want to learn and grow in their industry, either to grow their portfolio and create better value for their clients
1st Write their goals
2nd Get Access to below market value properties
3rd Only invest in positive cash flowing properties
4th      Don’t by on appreciation
5th     Take advantage of USA downturn, right base on cash flow
6th  Join a club, get a mentor, read books, educate
7th   Invest only trusted source
8th   Use RRSP to buy a solid cash flow properties in Canada and or the USA
For more information check out the link below for full expert of his book online “ The Success Secret” with Jack Canfield

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