Monday, November 26, 2012

Spotlight: Katia Millar

What are 2 leadership traits that you empower entrepreneurs to apply?Leadership starts within, so entrepreneurs first need to get very clear on their personal vision & core values before we can inspire others. We also need to trust our intuition in the process and develop the courage to take a stand about what matters to us. 

You have an interesting networking philosophy where people have "earn" you card, can you explain it.
My personal preference is not to exchange business cards until after I've had a conversation with the person to establish a connection and specific reason for follow-up. I don't like cards being handed to me before I've had an opportunity to talk to the person, and will unlikely keep the card if presented to me pre-maturely. If there's no immediate need for follow-up, I will ask the person to connect through social media, but will leave it at that. 

Katia Millar | Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Positive Fabulous Women

                                         Jim Pagiamtzis and Katia Millar at PFT in 2012

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