Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What do these covers have in common?

 In my networking journey I have met many inspiring and amazing people.

 What they do they have in common? I have met both amazing ladies in my journey of networking.

 Nelly Shin

I met Nelly through a Meetup group in Newmarket,Ont in July 2012. She was giving her cd away as prize one of our events and then a few months later she did a live session for us. She was awesome!

It was refreshing and relaxing to listen to here sing and share her amazing talent.

Feel free to join us monthly in Newmarket. Just search Entrepreneur Speed Networking and join our group.

Signe Miranda

I met Singe literally by accident. Few months ago I had registered to part of  crew for an event happening in early November 2012. An email was circulated amongst the group looking for car pooling options, I replied to the request and got an email from Signe few days later. We had chance to meet and connect for the entire weekend and we had an amazing time. She gave me her cd as Thank you for driving her to and from the event for the three days. It was a great gesture.

I got to learn about her music journey and what her aspirations are going to the future.

Moral of the Story:  You meet so many people in your journey for brief moments in time it may seem. Take the time to listen, learn and perhaps get inspired by their stories.

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