Friday, August 2, 2013

Power of LinkedIn: Little bit of focused energy led to...

I have shared numerous stories over the years for how I have been found or have been hired due to my LinkedIn profile.

Below is event happened only few weeks ago in the middle of  May.

I had decided to challenge myself for few hours to prove a point that I have been making during my presentations in recent months that networking and social media work together very well. I have shared stories how I have been "found" many times on LinkedIn for speaking engagements.

This time I want to get a result for a career opportunity. Below is what I did to get a result the same day!

  There are three areas that I focus on using with LinkedIn.  They are as follows;

  1st Connections

  2nd Recommendations

  3rd Groups

  4th  Job boards

 These are three areas that I spend time on a weekly basis to create ongoing engagement in my network

  On this day I had seen some interested careers show up on the board and one of the companies I knew really well, had seem them a local conferences in the city. I proceeded to email my cover letter and resume to the link mentioned.

   On the side of job posting there was a section where it states people that are in your connections who work with this company who have worked with them in the past. I knew an individual on the list and I had met him at an event where he had been part of  guest panel at event few months back, I sent him an email regarding the job opportunity and if he could be of assistance. Half an hour later I got a response which was great!  He was extremely busy and didn't deal with this position what he offered was to send a connection email with HR department via virtual email introductions.

   I responded with an email in appreciation of the offer. Half an hour after that I got an email from the HR department asking if I was interested in 3:00pm phone interview. I responded with "yes' and was looking forward to the call.

   It was time for the call and at 3:00pm sharp we connected. We had an great discussion and answered questions she had.

   I did follow up with them but didn't hear back regarding the position.

 Moral of the story. Utilizing online and offline strategies can be used to create results. Be aware of online opportunities and the power of leverage. You can make it happen quickly!

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