Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Review: One Degree


      "Thin book but a powerfull read, Orhan Ilkin shares insight on success and how to create the structure to achieve it" Jim Pagiamtzis

1. You will uncover what has been controlling your life. It is time to fully understand what has been driving your life all this time and learn how to leverage your most amazing tool, your mind, to take control of your life once and for all.

2. You will learn how to properly set goals and how to best position yourself to actually achieve these goals. This is the stuff nobody teaches in school.

3. You will discover the Ultimate Success Formula, something that Orhan Ilkin developed based on his own journey. He shares with you seven ingredients of success, and shows you how to effectively apply these ingredients to make your life a masterpiece.

ORHAN ILKIN is a speaker, author, and coach with a passion for helping individuals and organizations unleash their full potential. Known as a trusted partner among the top firms in Canada for his extraordinary leadership capabilities, Orhan delivers unmatched personal development and corporate training through motivational seminars, speaking engagements, and workshops. He is an expert at leveraging cutting-edge strategies, thereby pushing companies and those who lead them into a whole new plane of personal and professional success.

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