Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spotlight: Leslie Hughes

 Facebook and Twitter have both got a lot of attention the past few years.
Do think that LinkedIN will ever get the credit it deserve in this
currently social media space.


Social Media is usually considered to be a business-to-consumers space.
Facebook and Twitter capture most of the "buzz" when it comes to customer
service and the viral spread of messaging.

While LinkedIn may not be in the forefront for a consumer-based audience,
it is THE place to be for a business-based market.

With over 100 million members in 200 country, LinkedIn combines your
online resume along with and an online Rolodex (but it's also much more).

You can showcase yourself as an expert in your industry through obtaining
testimonials/recommendations, importing your blog, uploading your
Powerpoint presentation (through Slideshare).

You can ask and answer questions in industries and categories that you
specialize in.

Building your database of business contacts allows you to reach an
exponential audience and turn cold calls into warm introductions.

Anyone who uses LinkedIn regularly understands the power this social
network brings.

Small and Medium Business owner have made impact in the todays
market. What have you done with Punch Media to make it difference for you
current clients

PUNCH!media helps to educate our clients about the shift from traditional
"push" marketing to online "pull" marketing.

What's important for businesses to realize is that Social Media is a
wonderful tool for customer service.  Answering questions, providing
relevant information, generating discussions allows for companies to stay
top-of-mind with their target audience.

We strategically work together with our clients to determine how Social
Media fits within the overall marketing mix and guide them how to develop
content so that it fits within the context of the specific Social Media
sites (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging etc).

We train clients how to set up their profiles, set benchmarks and measure

PUNCH!media stays up-to-date on current technologies, new media and
marketing as well as best practices of what is working so that our clients
can benefit from our specialized expertise.

How we make a difference with our current clients is quite simply that we
train them to be the best Social Media marketers they can be!

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