Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you Dream Big!

Recently had the opportunity to share Dream Big day with Junior Achievement at local high school in Thornhill, to great 8 and 9 students. Have previously shared another program called "Economics of Staying in School in the past 3 years with great success.

With this Dream Big course it was different angle on success which was exciting to share to these young and upcoming leaders who will talk about their future dreams and goals how will they define them

There were four modules that we will be going through list below

1st  Your Dream in Light!

Describing their dreams using words, colours, shapes and forms

2nd  Importance of Values

  Selecting their top six words that describes their values and how important they are to them.

3rd Supporting Roles  Reel

What qualities and Characteristics affect their live. From Role Moles, Mentors, Friends and Family to Opponents

4th Action! Implementing a plan of action to achieve their dream

Utilitzing the Smarter Technique

Specific, Measurable,Adjustable, Realistic, Timely, Exciting and Recorded

Had a great time learning and sharing my achievements of becoming an entrepreneur and encouraging them to do the same.

Closing thoughts that I share with the students from Junior Achievement work book

"You have created the story of a place where all of your individual dreams are realized- in a collective community. This New World, is fuelled by everyone's dreams and desires. Imagination is the currency- it can flow freely."

"This is the story about bringing the future into the present. What is the difference between the world we visualized and the one we currently live in? What do we need to change in order for us to all become successful?"

"Enjoy the journey. You know there will be obstacles and challenges. You have some destinations, plans, and possibilities. Now start the journey and remember to enjoy your journey. You can make it anything you want it to be."

For more information on Junior Achievement go to or call 1-800-265-0699

Some great book to consider reading. John C Maxwell. Put your dream to the test. Dreaming Big  Energizing Yourself and your team with a Crystal Clear Life Dream Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets.



4 modules

Key take away:

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