Friday, July 15, 2011

Spotlight: Andrew Woo

Recently had the shared the stage at Centennial College Speaker Series with a fellow Alumni who shared great information regarding his journey of an entrepreneur.

1st Question

In today competitive world how important is it for professionals and entrepreneurs to have a powerful and effective brand

Answer: It is vitally important to establish a clear and concise brand. Branding is not as challenging to acquire but effective and profitable branding is harder to accomplish and sustain. Branding is more that what is initially seen such as your logo or company’s vision statement. It really extends far beyond the marketing strategies but deals with how we establish and perpetuate growing relationships. Keep in mind our actions dictate the perceptions that ultimately determine the value of your brand.

2nd Question

How did use being a magician and sharing your program to help business grow

Answer: As magic has been and continues to be a lifelong love affair I decided to incorporate the essentials of magic in developing my professional speaking services. The essentials to marketing and providing customers with value added services is communication followed by business development. The secrets of magic are not the explanations to the illusion but more so how the ideas and concepts are related. Magic is the perfect vehicle to illustrate this process while at time interjecting light hearted moments. The dialogue between the magician and the audience is the business development or relationship building stepping stones.


At the tender age of seven the magic bug struck. The catalyst for this passion was conceived at his birthday party. His parents arranged to have a local ventriloquist and magician entertain the birthday boy and his friends. From that point forward Andrew would spend endless hours watching demonstrations at local Magic Stores in Toronto.

Throughout the years Andrew has performed at countless birthday parties, corporate events and abroad. Although primarily he focuses on corporate events and keynote speaking engagements from time to time he will perform for children's parties simply for the fun of it. He has instructed at the Sorcerer's Safari Magic Camp, a camp dedicated to teaching of the art to youngsters. He belongs to various magic clubs and associations and cherishes the time he spends with his fellow magicians.

Andrew completed his post-secondary studies and became an Accountant and entrepreneur. He has worked for some of the largest corporate companies before venturing out into what he specializes in today - corporate training and entertainer. Always a thinker he creates, produces, publishes and markets his own line of magic effects including a published magic book. Andrew loves to give back and teaches magic to serious students of the arts. He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge to future magicians.

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