Friday, July 8, 2011

Successful Networking Connection!

Living the Get Connected Make Wealth Happen yields some great moments. Attending my weekly session at the gym my workout partner Idan McAnuff has mentioned his excitement on be a co-ordinator of afternon basketball program that teaches young students the fundamentals on basketball which includes reading program. I had great connection that may be of interest of him that could provide impact for his students.

Earlier this year joined  Goal Achievers Canada which was a group of entrepreneurs and leaders who meet on on weekly basis in powerful and amazing mastermind group. Patrick Bizindayvi is a success speaker and upcoming author with two books coming out in late 2011. He has had a successfull 15 year basketball year as player and coach.

It seemed like a great fit to connect Patrick Bizindayvi and Idan McAnuff to see what synergies may come about.

Within a few weeks they met for a coffee and turned out they had a great conversation. Patrick ended up going and speaking for Idan's afternoon program and he was great inspriation to the kids.

From that point out everytime I would meet Patrick he would call me the "the connector". It was very funny and humbling every time he makes the statement!

Key take away: Keep your ears open and grow your resources, you never know when you may provide a great connection!

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