Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book review: Investing in Condominiums- Strategis, tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor


Investing in Condominiums 

      It was amazing experience to read this book by Brian Persaud and Randy Ramadhin

     Below are three key lesson I learned.

      1st Details

      It's very important to pay attention to details when buy any type of condominium from pre-sale and existing. They have numerous and lists in all the chapters that you can use to evaluate a property

    2nd Expertise

    They share the importance of dealing with real estate agents, brokers and lawyers and the specific knowledge and expertise they have is valuable and to listen and understand when they explain your rights and choices you make on various facets of what you looking for and realistic what you can get for you money.

     3rd    Example

  They share example throughout the book on "Tales from the Trenches". These are very compelling and insightful examples from professionals in the field.

         They put together a book that has the resources you need to make successful decision to buy and have a property that you are proud to live in and  have the confidence that the due diligence completed was well worth it for the valued property you choose to call your home.

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