Sunday, December 1, 2013

Journey to meeting Nick Kuburovski

       It was July 2012 and I was invited by Patrick Bizindavyi to meeting to discuss a upcoming project that he was involved with Brian Tracy.

     Group of involving Jonathan Weaver, Barry Constable, Paul Renie and Nick Kuburovski

    The event was a huge success and since then I had continued to connect with all the member of this team.

     Nick Kuburovski  was a successful business owner and coach for many years and we had some great conversation since that meeting about various other projects we were involved with.

   We held a join event in  September 2012 at his office space in Richmond Hill to an Entrepreneur Speed Networking Group I have through Meet up. It was great success!

     We had recently crossed network paths with  Universal Seminars which held two event in September and November in Toronto. We became affiliate partners and assisted in promoting these two events and volunteered at the events also.

      In March 2013 I joined  Camaraderie Coworking as Host and Community Manager in Toronto. It was been great experience being in an environment with other amazing professionals and entrepreneurs.

  In early November 2013 I recommended to Nick Kuburovski to use utilize his space more effectively and create a coworking and office environment for entrepreneurs and professionals in his area. He recently launched   Richmond Hill Coworking and we look forward to an amazing space for be used during the day for coworking, meetings and the evening for networking events or training sessions.

 Moral of Story: You will meet people on daily basis, you never know where possibilities may lead.

   For further information on using the space email (serious inquires only)

                                            Nick Kuburovski sharing insight on Business, Life and Success

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