Monday, December 2, 2013

Spotlight Feature: Stuart Knight

1st  Question

You make a great statement in your talks about "asking question on a question" can you  explain the strategy?

Most people don't have a specific intention when having a conversation with someone.  Part Two Questioning is something that I introduced in my book where I talk about the importance of intentionally asking people good questions on the answers they give you.

  If I ask you a question about work, travel, family or anything during our conversation, you are going to answer the question.  When you do, it's my job to intentionally and deliberately ask you good questions on the specific answer you just gave me.

 From there, you will answer that question.  When you do, I once again want to intentionally and deliberately ask you another good question on this new answer that you have given me.

  By sticking to this style of questioning during a conversation, I increase my chances of connecting with you on a deeper level and thus having a more powerful conversation.

 2nd  Question

 As we head into the holiday season can you share how we can have more Powerful conversation when we meet new people at events?

The biggest thing you can do is actually make the effort to have a powerful conversation.  Most people make the mistake of waiting for life to come to them and then get frustrated when they don't get the results they want.  The same is true with conversation.

People wait for it to come to them instead of creating it themselves.  When you find yourself at a holiday party or dinner this season take two seconds to say the words, "I'm going to try and have a powerful conversation at this gathering" in your head before entering.  When you do that, you set the intention for having an exchange with someone that is quite different than the exchanges most people are used to.

 It's all about the questions. The better the questions, the better the answer and the better the conversation.  Instead of talking about work and the weather, ask people questions they are not used to hearing.

 Go deeper.  Take a risk and be vulnerable.  By doing so, you significantly increase your chances of creating a powerful conversation, which will lead you to a powerful life.

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