Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Here are some helpful ideas to marketing ideas for your from Jim Pagiamtzis , Get Connected Make It Happen!

- use a signature block on your e-mail
- make sure your voicemail has your name, your business name and try to give them a reason to leave a message
- respond to incoming newsletters and advertisements (thank you, your ad or something to help them)
- put all of your contacts in your e-mail and phone lists
- send 5 pro-active e-mails and make 5 pro-active calls a day
- have coffee with a new contact every week
- call at least one previous client for a nice chat each week
- put your business cards in all stores, coffee shops and board of trades that will let you
- send out an advertisement / introduction to a business contact to everyone on your list in trade for them to send out an ad/introduction to their list
- offer to be a guest speaker at your networking group/other groups
- volunteer for any charity but remember to tell them that you run your own business (bet they ask what you do!)
- post your product or services on some other web-sites like kijiji
- put your business listing on any internet directories that you can for free
- update your profile on all member listings that you have in books and internet directories
- linked in / Facebook / twitter – use them for business only
- find 3 other people who have the same target market and create a mailer to be sent to your target market; divide the cost by 3 and you do the work
- be the contact person for the next event
- help at least one other business owner a week with no strings attached
- tell people what to listen for in order to find you referrals
- offer a referral fee to a few people who might promote your business
- trade with someone who can get you publicity or advertising in trade for your product or service
- go knock on doors
- be sure that your close friends and family actually understand and can talk about what you do….they are going to talk anyway make sure it is helpful
- hire someone on 100% commission sales
- create a helpful handout

To get help implementing this list into your action plan – call Jim Pagiamtzis at 1-866-407-7601 to set up 1/2 phone session to grow your business

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