Friday, February 12, 2010

Power of Networking it does Happen!

In a recent talk at Happen in Burlington shared a story on the how I assisted and participant at one of my speaking engagements get a job!

It was the last week of October 2009 and I has speaking for Happen in Toronto ( organization that "Linking people and Opportunities". Was speaking on the "Networking your way to Careers Success" to group of executives and entrepreneurs which had accepted my invitation.

Shared the concept of the P-A-R system and simple process in getting connected and make it happen in creating result in your executive job hunt. Participants were having a great time and shared some great stories of success.

Many time at the end of my speaking many participants come to the front and and share some one one one time with me. Jeff Conn had a great listening ear that day, because he heard that worked in the trucking industry(FedEx Freight Canada). He handed me his card which said Transportation Professional Expert in: Third Party logistics, Dispatch, and Transportation Operations. Included his phone numbers and email contact and last but not least his Linkedin portfolio address.

Two months passed and Operations position had come up, so I called Jeff and told him to send me his resume and I will forward it to Human Resources. Later in the day relayed the information that it was complete with HR's contact information. He followed-up few days later answer any question they may have.

Week later noticed Jeff being interviewed and was pleasantly surprised to him their. His interviewed had finished and connected with Jeff on his way and stated that it went well and they were already talking about salary expectations. Within the next 48hrs he was hired!

Below is an excerpt of testimonial Jeff had written to Happen.

"Christmas has came early as I have landed a position FedEx Freight Canada team as a Operations Manager, Handling and working on their current transportation supply links through their Canadian operations. My start date commences Jan 4th so I am bringing in 2010 with a bang!

I want to thank you all for your assistance and guidance during this past while. Although my transition was not as long as others, I do know persistence and determination will land each of you in your next dream position.

I want to thank Jim, Robin, John and Greg for all your help and bringing a wide variety of key topics and speakers to the group. It greatly aided me in my search and instilled some new tactics to use during my career search.

This opportunity did come through the Happen Group and I want to thank Jim Pagiamtzis (a Happen Topic presenter)for putting me in front of all the key contacts at FedEx without your assistance I know I would not have found this opportunity (It was a truly a hidden opportunity)"
Jeff had done a number of things correctly from engaging and speaking to me after the presentation. Following up with Human Resources.

Jim Pagiamtzis is Public Speaker and published author and entrepreuener who tells everyone "Get Connected and Make it Happen!" he can reach at 1-866-407-7601 or

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