Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Books in my resource library

Roaring 2000’s, The   Harry S Dent
Roaring 2000’s Investor, The    Harry S Dent
Executive Memory Guide, The     Hermine Hilton
Living the Good Life   David Patchell Adams  multiple copies
Secret’s of the Millionaire Mind   T Harv Eker
Enchatment of Opposite, The  Patricia H Taylor
Little Red Book of Selling  Jeffrey Gitomer
Amaryllis Way, The     Derrick Mueller
Millionaire Next Door, The    Stanley/Danko
Psycho-Cybernetics     Maxwell Maltz
Present, The      Spencer Johnson
Maximum Achievement   Brian Tracy      *awesome book
Your Fist year in Network Marketing  Yarnell
Monk who sold his Ferrari  Robin S Sharma
To Love is to be Happy    Barry N Kaufmann
Nothing down in the 200’s    Robert G Allen
How to be rich    J Paul Getty               * great read with insight on success principles of the ages
Your infinite  Power to be Rich    Joseph  Murphy     * great read
7 Habits of Highly  Effective People    Stephen Covey          * must read
Power of Hope, The    Maurice Lam             * inspiring and motivation read
What the Rich do!       Jerry White
Guerrila Marketing Handbook     Jay Levinson & Seth Godin
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens    Sean Covey
Think a Grow Rich    Napoleon Hill             * must read 3 times a year!
Start-Up Entrepreneur  Jane R Cook
Sell’em                     Gunther  Klaus & Jerry Koelher
Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus     John Gray
Business Coach, The      Bradley  J Sugars
If life is a game these are the Rules  Cherie Carter Scott
Power of Intention, The   Dr Wayne D Dyer
Letters of Businessman to his Son     
Canadian Small Business Kit for Dummies   John Kudz
How to master the Art of Selling   Tom Hopkins
Tipping Point,The    Malcolm Gladwell
Public Relations 5th edition    Wilcox
Attraction Factor in Executive Success
Better way to live, A   Og Mandino
In Search of Excellence       Tom Peters
Peter Principle    Dr  Lawrence  J Petr
Priceless Personality   
Putting the One Minute Manager to work      Ken Blanchard
And Dignity for All     Despain, converse
Fifth Discipline     Dr Lam Oihauser
How to talk so people listen   Sanja Hamlin
One Minute Millionaire
Power of Positive Thinking, The    Norman  Vincent Peale
Don’t Sweat Sweat the small stuff      R. Carlson
VIP Strategy    Clemmer, McNeil               * great read
Spin Selling    Neil Rackman
Do’s and Taboo’s Public Speaking
Thinking on your feet   Ken Wigor

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