Monday, October 31, 2011

Swapsity Kensington Market

It was an aweosme Sunday afternooon in Toronto where our third and final Eco-swap event was held at Kensington Market pedestrian sundays. Tents were set up and tables and chairs arrived. (Special thanks to Absolute events) The dvd's, cd and blue-rays and records were being brough in and the buzz began to participants were eager to look for new titles to add to their collections. Movies from The Good Shepherd, National Treasure, Grey's Anatomy 1st season were avialble for swapping. We also had future event we were promoting in the next few weeks from Uinversity of Toronto Eco-swap event on November 11 and movie called Life without Money being shown on November 18th.

We had a great question that we had everyone answer using mine toothpics. Why do you swap? 1. It's Social 2. It saves me $ 3, It's fun to find treasures 4. It's eco and the winning answer was ? (see the end for answer)

The were 275 items were received and 150 were taken out. One of our slower events but we had a great time networking and meeting new people interested in our event. We had Toronto Star reported their interviewing the founder of Swapsity for a future article to appear in the paper in the coming weeks. New intern for Swapsity was also at the event she was excited about the opportunity to provide the social networking content for the swapsity site.

Our volunteers were handing out flyers and sharing information about our future events we event had a remote control car with swapsity logo buzzing around the tent!

For more information on future event and intitiatives go to (btw answer was 3. itn's fun to find treasures)

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