Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spotlight: Lexi Kubrak


1. Many entrepreneurs are beginning to educate and assist professionals to enhance their careers due the knowledge and expertise. Do you see this as great market that could yield big opportunities moving forward.

We live in an evolving economy that is becoming based on what knowledge we have. The only real way to prove your worth is not by CVs or Resumes alone: it’s by sharing that knowledge in a world wide sphere.

Most professionals are comfortable with making decisions and acting on them every day, it never has occurred in the corporate world to share those abilities and freely give others the tools to do the same. The “trade secret” can’t remain that way - in order to really be seen as a powerhouse in an industry, the executive professional has to prove their worth by utilizing all forms of media to help pump themselves up internally and in the public realm.

Even within a corporate environment, many HR managers look toward those who are sticking out in the company - those that are making sure their ideas, opinions and strategies are available to their team and their fellow employees. Sticking your neck out and speaking up, doesn’t make the bosses feel intimidated but rather excited that their leadership has helped someone take the company to the next level and gave them the confidence to do so. By utilizing a free service such as any social media platform in the RIGHT way, your simple thoughts on efficiency can become your doorway to a better opportunity.

Truly, it’s not a market, it should be treated as a support network. It should become second nature to any professional to have a personal webpage and use it as a great online CV and community reference site for your niche

2.  Social Networking is evolving daily, where do you see it going in the future with the impact on small and medium size business

The rapid changes of the technology now, even as a young women as myself, it’s hard to truly predict where or what will be invented or innovated next. However, patterns in business application of these social platforms show that the next steps are based on how creative the marketing really is.

Personally, I see more integration coming and a cheaper way for those small and medium businesses to do better and become bigger. My favorite company I love talking about it KindFood in Burlington, Ontario Canada. It started as a small vegan grocer in the downtown area - somewhat of a best kept secret. But they needed to change and the company (which is owned by the already well known vegan chef Kelly Childs)  deserved a better relationship with the vegan community at large.

So with the help of a renovation  and the implementation of social media they became the online best friend of anyone looking for a great meal or great nutrition advice. The Facebook page, which is organized by the owners, isn’t about advertising: it’s about knowledge sharing. They created the page as a symposium (but also a Daily Specials board which always gets me running straight to them for lunch) that followers, fans and friends can talk casually about what KindFood posts. I’ve even seen a lot of debates about health and lifestyle which blow me away. It’s this kind of real interaction within an anonymous platform that help businesses gain respect for their products and their replies.


What started as a blog turned into her passion. Lexi's love of life and love of the alternative is what brought her to create Enigma Agency. Utilizing social media, word of mouth and people-powered campaigns, more than print her ideas stand out in a crowd - literally. Building a brand and watching it grow is what Lexi loves to see, and her own blog and energetic life reflects her passion to constantly rethink and redesign the way things are done. She finished her degree in Cultural Communication and Information Technology in 2010 and ever since she has created some more challenging and creative ideas to apply her knowledge through client projects and fun stuff on the side.

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