Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small Business forum in Toronto a Great success

Enterprise Toronto hosted their annual small business forum at the Metro Convention centre  full day of helpful seminars and exhibits from various companies. Promoted this  event online and face to face  to my network and many entrepreneurs and professionals attend the event. Powerful statement that social networking communication does work, when done correctly.

Keynote speaker was Nadja Piatka, found of Nadja Foods who shared about her journey of success. Her struggles from being hounded by creditors to be being mentored and setting goals and achieving them.

The  day continued with various seminars from social networking - Laura Berg  she shared great insights on using You Tube, Linkedin and Twitter and how she combined them to achieve great success. She even appeared on Dragons Den!

It was great to network and meet new entrepreneurs throughout the day. Tom Kaufmann sales trainer and college teacher joined me in attending the exhibits and learning about new initiatives from newspaper organizations, companies going green to computer recycling programs.

Two great highlights that happened during the day to me were.

1st  Got a referral from fellow entrepreneur who had heard me speak overheard someone looking for a business mentor and recommend she should connect with me.

2nd. Dell had set up a golf evaluation tent and to my surprise got great feedback on my stroke and with a few minor adjustment will be ready for the PGA links!

Big thanks to Ash Silva fro his inviting Marta Nowinska and Tm Mahdi and I  to the Toronto Board of Trade after-Party. We met professional from Real Estate, investments and even couple of authors!

At the end of  the day it was getting great information and taking the action to follow up with new leads and contacts to make 2011 a prosperous and profitable year.

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