Friday, October 28, 2011

Being invited to event yields great experiences

Have great entrepreneurs in your network yields big surprises. Marc Gordon ( offered an invitation at two events Toronto Women's Expo and Social Media event  he was speaking celebrating Small Business week in Toronto Oct 17-23. Toronto Women’s Expo was held in at the Holiday Inn at Woodbine and Highway 7 where there were speakers and exhibitors offering their business solutions and speakers sharing their insights on Social Networking and much more.

It was special day due the fact there were 5 men and the rest all women  it was like being a fish out of water! Marc and I had our hands rubbed (separately) which was great experience, had picture taken with the muscle bound firemen who were selling their calendar and lastly met some extraordinary women who had succeed in various types of businesses.

Had a great conversation with an attendee who had heard me speak about networking at a previous talk and learned more about what she wants to do and how to utilized her unique ability.

Next day Marc Gordon was speaking at Social Media event sponsored by Constant Contact at a Cineplex movie theatre in the Yonge and Sheppard area. Various presenters shared their insights on how they utilized e-marketing strategies for their businesses, from restaurants and executives search firms. They save the best and most funny and entertaining for last. Marc Gordon rush to scene, literally from the rafters of the movie theatre and had everyone in a buzz and engaged for the 40 minutes sharing how social networking can be used effectively and efficiently to build you client list and have them be interested in your content.

Moral of the story, be thankful of people who are in your network and say YES! When they invite you to events, you never know who you will meet.

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