Friday, May 11, 2012

Toronto Talks was huge success

                        It was going to be great day of learning at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.

  Toronto Talks has presenting three great speakers Lisa Kember from Constant Contact, Donna Messer "Queen of Networking and founder of  and Eric Lofholm  Sales Trainer were all presenting to participants ranging from professionals to entrepreneurs. Big thanks to Jennifer Beal and Unleaspr for making the event happen.

                                             Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on the event speakers

Leading of was Lisa Kember Director of Constant Contact from Ontario.

                                          Lisa Kember speaking on Engagement  Marketing online

She sharing information on the importance of circles of influence, power of engagement online with your contacts and the magic formula on go generate referrals! The book prize give-away of Engagement Marketing : How Small Business win in a Socially Connected World by Gail F. Goodman President of Constant Contact.

                                           Jennifer Beale present book prize to A.J Parl

Next speaker was Donna Messer " The Queen of Networking" who shared in inspiring and interactive 2hr experience on the power of networking and we had an "experiential learning" experience of the power of networking in the room. It was true magic being created by Donna in her effortless unique ability.

                                           Donna Messer speaking and Toronto Talks

It was also the launch week of new book Cycles of Life: Keep you on track. It was her second book release and the was excited to share her experience in this book.

                                          Jim Pagiamtzis (right) promoting Donna Messer's new book Cycles of Life

Last speaker was Eric Lofholm Sales Trainer from California who shared his experience and system of sales success. He talks about his early sales success to working with Anthony Robbins for 3yrs and his current sales system the Sales Mountain.  It's all about sales, influence and persuasion and being confident in what you  are selling and to who you are presenting it to.

                                          Eric Lofholm Definition of Sales

                                           Jim Pagiamtizs and Eric Lofholm

It was amazing content shared by all the speakers and next step was to create action which I did. Below is my new landing page
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Bonus video from Eric Lofholm's presentation:

Bonus notes from Eric Lofholm's presentation by Arlene Gray AG Consulting

 There is nothing more powerful than a good idea whose time has come.

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards.  - Jim Rohn

What is the value of 1 sale? what is the lifetime value of a customer? (repeat sales and referrals

3 Golden Nuggets
1. Mind Movie (dream board of what I want to create in my life) - use PowerPoint, automate it, add music
2. Train the Trainer - apply it, then teach it to someone else
3. Best Ideas (create a word file and just list any best idea)
4. Email Swipe File - build your list - label a folder called "swipe file". when i receive an email with great wording or an idea, save it on the "swipe file"

Dr. Donald Moine (Eric's mentor)

Selling is a learned skill

look for people who are experts in the areas you want to learn and hang around them

inner game & outer game

we become what we think about - Earl Nightingale

when 2 ppl meet, the most certain (in most cases) will influence the other person

certainty and confidence are key

most people  wing their presentations - they get wing-it results. prepare in advance, role-play the presentation

prediction is a form of power

write down your "close" word for word  then ask if this is the most powerful way to close  keep reviewing and rewriting it

Focus on Revenue Producing Activities
- use leading language - tell them what they're going to say, then lead them to say it

Fear, panic & worry do not produce revenue. - Eric Lofholm

3 Ways to Elevate your Sales Results
1. Inner game - mind set
2. Outer game - "how to's of selling"
3. Action - see more people

have a track to run on - what is the sales activity of your business - get clear on your plan to stay focused. it can be activity based or results based (Ben Feldman - sell 3 policies per week)

3 Key Systems to Grow Any Business
1. Lead Generation
2. Appointment setting
3. Lead conversion

Embracing Sales Conversation
- goal is to achieve your ultimate financial goal
- selling is just a skill set
- closing is asking for a commitment
- change begins in language - things only have the meaning we give them
- selling = Service
- sell from honesty, integrity and compassion
- selling is about leading

Additional pictures of  attendees and presentation slides

                                           Jim Pagiamtzis and Bruce Walkinshaw

                                           Donna Messer's How can you leverage me?

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