Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spotlight: Colleen Lindberg

Spotlight: Colleen Lindberg

1st   What got you interested in learning and then teaching KOLBE?

I was first interested in learning about Kolbe when I was on my intense journey of understanding myself. Kolbe answered many questions I had about myself and allowed me the freedom to be me. That is also one of the main reasons why I teach it, so that I can assist others in that same freedom.

2nd  Why is important for corporate companies to understand the uniqueness of people in their teams?

Corporate businesses are built and run on team synergy. When we understand more about the people in our teams we can then align more productive and targeted outcomes. Kolbe allows us to better understand how we take action and in our teams it will allow us to understand how people will work together.

Colleen is a passionate entrepreneur, leader and enthusiastic business consultant.
Throughout the years, Colleen has started and helped run numerous businesses including businesses in the internet marketing industry, the hospitality industry, the printing industry, the wealth management industry, and the retail industry. She also was hired on to consult in numerous personal development and seminar companies, moving companies, construction companies, health and wellness companies and some network marketing businesses.
Through much experience and of course trial error, Colleen has established C.Lindberg Consulting and Coaching practice, where she currently helps individuals, teams and businesses get the results that they are looking for. Creating synergistic teams and more profitability are some of the specialties that Colleen offers her clients. She believes that once people can truly understand themselves, then they can become the best of who they are in whatever aspect of life they are focused in.
Colleen is a certified Kolbe Specialist and Consultant. Her vast experience and expertise in Human Resources and People Development is what assists companies in their performance bottom line.

Colleen Lindberg
My Kolbe Results 8-4-6-3
C. Lindberg Consulting
"Creating Lasting Companies"
"In business our people are our greatest resource. Ensure your leaders are ready to lead and your team is engaged and prepared for peak performance."
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