Saturday, June 2, 2012

Movie Review: Peaceful Warrior

Great movie that I finally got watch on June 1st,2012 at the Alternative Thinking on Bathurst Street. Emmanuel  Lopez aka "Motivatorman" hosted this amazing evening on dreary and rainy evening in Toronto. The weather didn't stop 15 amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to watch "Peaceful Warrior" and cinematic masterpiece!

Emmanuel Lopez open the evening with an great conversation on serendipity he had in New York where he attracted the Peaceful Warrior movie. He sharing his insight and experience on his life has always worked that way and that "Law of Attraction" is available to anyone who wants to attract in Business, Life and Success.

"I have been wanting to watch this movie for many years and finally found the great venue to not only watch it and also share it with new found friends" Jim Pagiamtzis @jimspagiamtzis

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