Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's wrong with these covers?

                    Martin Scorsese in trouble? Or George Clooney under arrest  (read to article to find out)

It was at the end of May of and I was going back to the health club when I came across the magazines above. Scorsese and Clooney on the covers seemed like an interested read, I tucked them in my bag and went on my day.

Few days later I decided to take a look at the magazines and read the articles and get inspired before calling it an evening. As I skimmed through the pages there were some interesting ads that caught my attention which were was just amazing how fast technology is changing.
Was just about to finished reading the 1st magazine when I noticed some white papers sticking out in the back of the magazine, which was weird. To my astonishment and amazed it was  8 pages of very personal information of a couples rental application to the Ontario Real Estate Association applying for condo in uptown Toronto. There was banking information, 2 letter from employers stating there incomes and banking information!
We are in the 21st century and with all the Fraud causes that we hear and read about this couple had put sensitive information in these magazines. Not very wise!

I called Author Dianne Ojar-Ali the author of upcoming book “Mrs Fraud and You ~ Will You be the Victim or Victor when She comes Knocking?” and explained to her what had happened, she was not surprised.
Dianne says. “In 2009 Identity Theft was officially declared the Crime of the 21st Century! People claim that they are protective with their personal information and they do not care because they have nothing or simply they are too busy to even take the time to ask questions. However, on the other side of the coin, when they become a potential Victim, they now have to prove that they are innocent and this is when the nightmare begins. Here we see a perfect example of a couple trusting someone with their and other parties’ information. Did they get the condo, maybe not because the application was never submitted? Your personal information: SIN, date of birth, OHIP for example is worth more to others than it is to you. Think about it. Guard and protect them especially your children ID, they are the #1 target as well as seniors. Get protected today!”

I have since returned the information to the owners and advised them to be more careful. They were very appreciative and thankful they fell into the “right’ hands.

We live in the digital age and we do still use documentation to apply for various thing. Be careful where you put sensitive documents

For more information on how to protect you and your family, please contact Dianne Ojar-Ali at . She also host workshops and has a column Mrs. Fraud  in The Caribbean Camera
Moral of the story:  Nothing wrong with the covers but what’s inside was surprising. By the way the Scorsese article was amazing! You can find online at

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Martin Scorsese  article in Fast Forward

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