Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get Connected June 3rd Edition

June is turning out to be a Hot, Hazy and Humid month! Lots of great events happening this week in Toronto.

                   Quote of the week

 "You don't know what you don't know, that's why you don't have.
  Because if you knew what you knew, you'd have. 
  Because to know and not do, is  not to know."
                                                  - Casey Combden

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New blogs:
Book review: Engagement Marketing- Gail Goodman CEO of  Constant Contact
Click here to read article
Click here to learn more about book

I want to have a happy life too! Phei Phie Oon
Click here to read blog

Motivatorman blog aka Emmanuel Lopez
Click here to read blog
*Stay tuned for details of  the next movie night in Toronto at Alternative Thinking

June 20th
Entrepreneur Speed Networking in Mississauga
3 Keys to Email Marketing using Constant Contact
Click here for event details

June 20th
Adding Value to Your Business With French-speaking People
Click here for event details

Next week:
June 27th
Chery Rankin Founder Fit for Business will be sharing "No Dollars Marketing" on June 27th
 with Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Made Simple with Constant Contact. Free event
Click here for event details

 Book download of the week:
 Pitch Elevation - Michael Weiss
  "Presentation is not a meeting; it's a performance"
 Testimonial from Jim Pagiamtzis
"Michael Weiss covers the A to Z of being being an effective and efficient in  preparation, presenting and results that you want to create to have your audience want more!"

  Interview with Duane Browne from the Pool of Wealth  

Duane Browne  interviewing  Jim Pagiamtzis  on Power of Networking

  More information on P-A-R strategy click on the link below to get copy of 1st chapter of my book
 If like more information on PARformance training program email jim@pagiamtzis.com  

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