Friday, June 8, 2012

Spotlight:Alim Maherali

Question 1
 The misconception of Twitter? 

Many people who don’t use Twitter regularly seem to have a perception that twitter is just for posting a short message about what you are doing.  People have jokingly said to me that they don’t want to post that they are going to the washroom nor do they want to read about the people who are. This perception of twitter could not be further from the truth.

Twitter is one of the only tools that gives you access to peoples thoughts and ideas without knowing them personally and often times without asking their permission. On Twitter, you can follow your favorite celebrities, respected leaders and valued organizations to find out what is happening in their world. Most Twitter users only tweet value-add information and interesting news or share things that people appreciate.  You can even perform a key word search on Twitter and see what is being tweeted about that subject.  Often times, you can find breaking news on Twitter even before media outlets can report it on TV, radio or the newspaper!

Question 2
2.       Value of social media for independent and organizations

Organizations can gain a tremendous amount of value from Twitter.  Twitter can be used by organizations to connect with their customers, partners, suppliers and even prospects.  For example, a business can tweet special offers to their customers or easily inform partners of relevant news and events.  Twitter is also a great tool for organizations to influence their industry, gain valuable competitive information and even drive people to their website.  At Alim Consulting International, we have helped numerous clients add value to their business using Twitter.  The possibilities of how organizations can take advantage of Twitter are endless and below are a few examples of how our clients have benefited from Twitter:

-          An author generated media coverage in blogs, radio and TV for her book launch by connecting with people on Twitter
-          An event planning business discovered  new partnership opportunities that will help them grow
-          One business used twitter to generate sponsorship dollars to fund an international project and find volunteers who committed to helping on the project

If you don’t already have a social media strategy for your organization, it may be very rewarding to put one in place. If you or someone you know has any questions about developing a social media strategy, I would like to invite you to connect with me by email ( or by following me on twitter (@amaherali)

Alim Maherali is the CEO and Founder of ACI. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and has been working with start-ups companies since 2004. Alim has worked with a variety of companies including Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent and WIND Mobile.
Alim holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Wilfrid Laurier University and an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) from the University of Waterloo . He also completed a post graduate certificate in project management and has earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.
His two passions are learning and sharing what he has learned.  As a result, consulting with various organizations and speaking at engagements are a perfect fit for him. Both allow him to inspire businesses and individuals to reach for the stars. Outside of work, Alim volunteers with various charities and loves playing sports.
Alim loves sharing his thoughts in a blog designed to inspire others. You can visit his blog called Alim’s IQ, which stands for Alim’s Insights and Quotes at: Please leave a comment with any thoughts you have on the posts as he loves to read them and respond!

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