Monday, June 18, 2012

Book review: Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World

Author: Gail F. Goodman is the CEO of Constant Contact, a leading provider of e-mail marketing, local deals, and online surveys tools for  more than half a million small organizations.

Being the 21st century it is becoming very evident that created sustainable interest on the internet will be an important area for any business enterprise to succeed.

There are three great parts of the Engagement Marketing that I found of value and especially impactful in creating more effective future campaigns using Constant Contact platform.

Gail F. Goodman says “ In this book, you’ll learn why Engagement Marketing is a real opportunity for fostering deeper connections with your customers, which in turn will drive new business, I can name dozens of books  on how to use social media. This isn’t one of them.  While  I’ll  cover social media tools and how to use them, this information will always be presented in the context of building and sustaining genuine connections with customers.”
Foster deeper  connections  is  such important comment made in the paragraph because it’s not just about creating more connections, followers or fans. The opportunity and the challenge is to create a long-term and deep connections that you can actually engage with campaign with them that can be something  of importance to them or it could be business venture, resource of information for upcoming projects.
Many of the connections I have made on LinkedIn have turned into speaking opportunities for corporate clients and being hired by New York consulting company to do paid consulting via phone to their North American clients.

Building and sustaining genuine connections with customers is a great objective to have in your growth to have products, service or specific events or information they may find of interest. They may know and link you and want to build the ongoing “trust factor” that they not just another connection but an important client that you actual engage and have a two-way online conversation. Ask a question or getting a recommendation.
Read the paragraph again and realize that all the new connections, fan and followers you make are contacts that important to having quality contacts and just have a quantity of connections.

Gail  goes on to say “Your calls-to action have three major purposes. First is direct engagement with individuals. The more you can get people to participate, the more likely they’ll do business with you again in the future. You have reinforced the relationship, added more value, and reminded them about you. Second, participation from one person inspires participation from the next. If someone Likes and multiple comments on a post, they’re more likely to read the thread and to participate. The third purpose of a call-to-action is the engagement can drive visibility. Some calls-to-action, such as sharing, immediately spread your message or content to wider audience.”

The act of someone hitting the “like” button is casting a vote in your favour, so when you get them get excited!  Sharing feature is a close second due to the fact in creates a ripple effect in your networks of posting your initial information to larger network, the exponential grow beyond your control (that’s a good thing!)

                                 Marc Gordon Author of Edge Factor says “content is king”

Chapter 8  goes into Engagement Marketing Tips and Tricks and have lots of examples and insights on how achieve attention for your brand in various ways.
Chapter 9 deals with Overcoming Common Obstacles and comes up with answers to questions that many first time users using social media may have  and creative ways to overcome them.
Engagement Marketing is terrific resource for the first time user and existing experience users due to the fact  there a always ways to improve your  email marketing campaigns, surveys and event management  initiatives, it provided useful reminders to assist you to create strong engagement marketing for years to come and provide lasting value for you new and existing customers.

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