Monday, January 30, 2017

Guest Spotlight feature; Marcio Mendes

 Recently Marcio Mendes shared insights on Meditation and Mindful at Public Speakers Association Toronto Chapter in Toronto

Below is quick explanation of what he shared

Everything that exists in our reality was thought before it existed. What we think can turn into feeling and consequently into reality.

But all this can be corrected in a simple and accessible way to any thinking being, how? Through meditation, thousands of research has already been carried out in this area and proven its benefits from the most diverse prevention and cure diseases that affect us.

It is not enough to live but we to live with quality as the philosopher Socrates once said. We have potentialities within ourselves and we do not use them, and unfortunately the world we live in is increasingly distanced from the use of these human potentialities and meditation is the key we have to access and use our potentiality.


Marcio Mendes


      Master Marcio Mendes explaining Trecial


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