Sunday, January 22, 2017

Event Review: DECA Ontario Provincial at Sheraton Centre in Toronto

             It has been amazing experience being at judge at DECA Ontario Provincial since 2011.

           Had a great day judging Retail Management cases for the day at the Sheraton Hotel. There were two different scenarios we were evaluating. The morning case was very straight forward to understand.

       It was the afternoon case we had some challenges. It dealt with the very big successfull app with millenials called Snapchat!   Most of the judge and had no idea about it and how it worked. We got a brief 10  explanation about it and that was it!

        I said to the students "our executive team had a brief illustration on the app just a few minutes ago. Feel free to go in as much details as  you like"

               Many of the students seemed excited to hear this from me and they explained their strategies, tips and suggestions and how to leverage the app.

         It was great to see these future leaders utilized there communication and selling skills at this event.






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