Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Special Story: Nike story from my Centennial College -Personal Selling works!


       It was my final year at Centennial college in1995 and was about to finish my 3rd year Busines Administration course.

    I had to retake Personal Selling course because I got a unsatisfactory mark during the semester. So I took night school course a different college in the winter. This teachers name was Brian Kostas as season veteran in marketing.

   The course was going really well until w reached the end where we had to a group project for the final part of the course

   Our group decided to do on Nike. Phil Knight had created and build an amazing brand know all over the world.

   We had put together a great present and were confident about getting a great mark. Right at the last minute one of our member wanted to show a great video at the end. Problem no of us from the group had seen it!  He said "Trust me!"  We said "yikes!"

   It came time to show our presentation and it was going well until we reach the end and show the video. The teacher and class were amazed and so were we!

  Final Mark:  A for AWESOME!

   I am huge fan of the nike brand but this story will be a special for me to share and remember!

      Below is  not the video we share but story on Phil Knight and Nike

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