Sunday, January 22, 2017

Journey to search for new career at Job Fairs in Toronto on January 19,2017

          It was an amazing day to be on the go in Toronto.

       In the morning I attend the Canada Job Expo to speak on Networking  and Interview Skills and see if there were any employers of interest.  After it was done I headed back to downtown Toronto to attend an interview I had at 4:30pm with a marketing company in Queen and Yonge area.

    I picked up  Kickstart drink on the subway to give some energy for the rest of the day and since I had half an hour to until my appointment I visited a camera store in the neighborhood and look and ask some questions on camera I want to buy very soon.

       After the interview was over I had plans to attend at Techfest event at 6:30pm just south of the Rogers Centre at the Steamwhistle Brewery. 

          I headed south on Yonge and took a few great pictures of the CN Tower at 6:00pm and 8:00pm

         Reach the destination little early and were told we to wait outside for 30 minutes. Early in the morning I found a tennis ball on the street so I through the ball against the cement wall and got some exercise done.

               Eventually we were let inside and it a crazy experience there were booth, music and serviing beer. Not exactly a great mix!  Did my best to connect with some employers and had some good conversations with a few. Hand out my resume and got a few cards to follow up and job fair to attend in early February.

               It was not the ideal way to do a job fair as far as I was concerned, stayed until 7:30 and headback downtown afterwards. 
           If there any career opportunities in Toronto GTA Area  see below for my details

Canada Job Expo banner

Jim Pagaimtzis speaking at event

Seminar speakers

tennis ball I found on my out in the morning...

                          On way to interview pick up Kickstart energy dring 80 calories


          In the evening.....


Welcome to Techfest

Jim Pagiamtzis lanyard

   Currently look for roles in account management in Toronto area (serious inquiries only) No MLM's please   416-894-7859 cell or email (will not tolerate spam, no warnings!)

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