Sunday, January 29, 2017

Special Post: Lesson of understand the sport of Fencing

        In January 2016 I had the great experience to teach Public Speaking and Communication skills at private school in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  It was 12- week course that I designed and share with students from the ages of 7-13 years old.

   I was excited about the opportunity to share my experience,  knowledge and strategies.

   Each student had different attitude and insight on speaking and communication.

  Wendy Y. was 13 years old and the oldest in the group, she was very shy and didn't participate much in the first few weeks of the course. Then in week 3 I had an idea!

   My mentor has this great quote."Walk in persons shoes but don't live there"

    In week four she made a comment she made a comment ' I am very tired and soar" I responded and said "do you mind me asking why?"

   She says "I had a long fencing practice"  I responded "Fencing  your say"

   That's when I had the brilliant idea and said "Tell me about fencing?"  She says "WHAT!"

   I explained to the class that I had participated in the Panam/ Parapan games as ambassador and volunteer in 2015 and 2016 and had seen some of the events showcased, among one them was Fencing.

   She says " we don't have any equipment!"

   I  said "we don't need any, it will be imaginary"

      We cleared the front of the room and then I saw her change in the instant. She got serious and began to explain how fencing works and the way you get points.

   The students were all in awe and amazement!

   In the coming weeks, Wendy made great strides in participating in the class and continually encouraging her to take steps in speaking and sharing.

    Halfway through the course, I had given the student homework to present topic infront of their class of their choosing.

    Wendy Y. shared her passion on comics and the One Punch Man. She did an amazing talk which she showcased her passion and interest in this misunderstood hero.

     In week eleven she did her final 4 minute final talk where she illustrated her skills on speaking and communication.

    At the end of the class she came to me and said " I know that I wasn't participating in the beginning, but I truly have enjoyed sharing in recent weeks. I am going to miss this class very much. Thank you for being patient with me."

  I told her " You are on the journey of being able to understand the power of speaking and communication, I am very proud of you and the steps you took to do that. You are warrior mindest"

   I then I stood back and got into my fencing stance and said "Let's go one more time!'  she giggled got back and said  'I am not going easy on you this time!"

   The moral of this story is we all have greatness inside of us. We don't realize it all the time until we have teacher and mentor show us through action.

Fencers showcase the sport in 2015 at Panamam Sports Centre in Scarborough


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