Thursday, January 5, 2017

Special Post: 5 reasons to Journal for 2017

     This is the first thing you should do this year!  Get a Journal (if don't have one reading this then stop reading. seriously stop and go buy and come back and read the rest)

    In 2010 I started a business journey due the fact I was going to events, having meeting and meeting lots of new people. Below are I am going share 7 good reason you should have one.

 Before I get to that. Let me tell you about the Canadian Brian Tracy. he is speaker, author, trainer and world wide authority in the world of personal development he has mentor thousand of people from my good frend Erik Swanson and many more professionals world wide.

 I was at event 4 years ago in Toronto with 600 people in the room. At one point Brian Tracy stopped and asked the room "anyone taking notes on the business strategies that I am teaching?"  Only one hand went up which was mine  I said " I am" responded "Well done you're the smartest person in the room"  He went on to explain the reason for that from the fact that you can't remember everything you hear and writing things down allow you to remember and reference for future uses.

 Here you go;

 1st Seminars.

     Do you go to seminars and learn about new things to help accelerate your business? do you take notes? If you read the above story then you should

  2nd Meeting.

  Are you have meetings weekly with potential clients and professionals? Are you taking notes?

  You are discussing way to assist them or perhaps provided a proposal for you services. You need a source to reference the material

3rd  Ideas

   Are you on the go daily do you come of with ideas for you business?  Where you do write them? In your phone?  having a journey makes it easy for you to write them and have a central place to go and find them

 4th Plans

   Do you make plans to meeting people? To do list?  Remember things. Writing it down makes sure you  know where it is and able to execute later

 5th  Autographs/ Memories

   Do you meet successful people that you want to continue to build the relationship Then as them to write information in your fancy journey ( I have done it many times) Trust me they will get a thrill out of it!


  Business information / Short bio / what you do

  This is important because you attend various events. Having your bio and business information or mini business bio is important thing to remember and change from time to time

7th  The Journal itself

 This is your life that you are living and it's important that you take it seriously and be very professional about it!

 Personal story: In July 2014 I was having lunch with my potential real estate client at Tim Hortons near the airport. It was 2 hour meeting with lots to talk about and to much noice around us. Few months later we were having a conversation and I said " well  you mentioned it at the meeting we had in June!" and he said "look at you mister detaile oriented Jim"  I responed " I took notes that day because we talke about lots of strategic ideas and I wrote them down"  he responded "Well Done Jim I am glad you did! I hired the right person to grow my business"


Brian Tracey and Jim Pagiamtzis in Toronto Jan 2013

Brian Tracy and Jim Pagiamtzis Toronto 2012

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