Sunday, January 1, 2017

Journey to New Years Eve Celebrations in Downtown Toronto the tale of two parties in One night!

           The evening started with a going to New Year's eve party in downtwon Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square live bands, people skating and Tim Hortons giving away free hot chocolate!


Toronto sign with a new addition a Leaf!

City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square with Toronto and new Leaf!

            They were giving way some merchandise from flags and pins and glow in the multicoloured glow in the dark Canada 150 baton. I managed to get one after a few minutes of frantic running between activitation site where they were giving them away for free!


         The second party was at Maezo Restaurant and Bar at 67 Richmond Street (near bay)

       I had gone there earlier to help out the organizer set up and monitor the door for few hours for the party.

           As I entered the premised at 8:15pm to look see if Steve the DJ and organizer had arrived I pass by a blonde sitting at the bar and immediately take a second look and notice its Bella who had change her hair colour from brunette to blonde. We had met a few years ago at meet up party and had become friends, in recent years I had not seen her that often since I didn't frequent events that often.

We chatted for about 10 minutes and it had turned out she had heard me speak recently or had watched some of  online videos and was very impressed in my speaking ability saying I was "passionate and very professional on the topics I talked about"

  At around 8:30pm I texted Steve and he notifed that he would be there soon and to meet him at the back of the restaurant. As I was doing so I meet Earnest Hamilton coming in the front door and he was also there to help Steve for the night, caught me off gaurd that Steve needed that much help!

   Few minutes later Steve show up and we unload all the DJ gear from the mini-van and bring to the front of the restaurant to set up.

   As we were doing that Sam and her sister show up to handle the cash duties at the front door. It was still little hectic because the restaurant still  had patrons eating dinner and it would take some time for them to finish and leave.

  We began to set up and slowly the patrons made there way out for the evening. A few people began to show up for the New Years Eve party and we created a barrier using a few chair to make sure everyone paid the cover charge.

     Within the next hour it began to very busy and people were beging to come in droves. One of the advantage being at the entrance was that I could see everyone coming in, which includes all the lovely ladies!

    One lady did catch eye. She was 6 foot tall oriental woman wearing glasses and a super-amazing red dress and she was carrying a Steven Covey book which I had read, I had snuck a quick comment to her about the book could make her a very wealthy woman in the future!

     It became very apparent that we had mixed group of people coming to this party of all diversity which was awesome!

       As the night began to get in full swing I passed on the duties to Earnest to I can enjoy the party which I was very excited to do. I had my black hat tonight and was ready to party!

       I danced with Bella for a few songs which we both enjoyed rock'n' roll , merenge and some country

      Decided to get my only beer for the night which is my favourite Stella (worth the try) and continued to dance and enjoy. Shortly thereafter I danced with the asian lady name Siu and she was very entertained with my dance moves! 

    The night continued and shifted to helping out at the door because it got really busy just after midnight. There were droves of people walking along Richmond Street west and many of them wanted to get in, we had reached capacity for the club so I had to go outside with my shirt and no jacket to tell everyone they couldn't get in. It wasn't fun to do, many of the attendees complained there friend weren't allowed to come it I explained to them I was giving instructions and had to follow them.

      I managed to go back in and continue to dance and some great songs played from YMCA, Usher Pitbull, George Michael, Madonna, Prince and David Bowie

         As I was enjoyin the night I began to look for that asian woman I had seen at the front entrance hours earlier. She was talking to all sort of guys and didn't have chance to speak with her.

      I went to washroom to freshen up and make myself presentable again, as I walked out the asian woman had grabbed a guy turned him around thrust her pelvic bone at hm and pushed him away!  She wasn't taking any flack from the men!

        It was around 1:00am when I dance with a lovely brunette for a few songs and had great time, turns out she was there to spend time with Steve the DJ and had no interest in me. I continued to go into the crowd and dance..

     Then at 1:45am  finally had a chance to dance with the asian woman. It was a salsa dance and had my change to share my moves!  She was instantly impressed. Her name was Ann, she had remember me from hours before with the book. She was the same height as I which was wierd and great in the beginng, most women I dance with are shorter than me.

        She really began to enjoy the salsa and I brough her close to me and we danced. She put both hands around and could feel her body on mine. I begin to kiss her neck and ear and she quiver for a few second and relaxed. 

       We continued to dance and I put my salsa moves in full gear, dipping her and she smilled from ear to ear. We were like glue going back and forth I put my hands down here back and massage her amazing ass!  She said the "God blessed me witha great body!" I said "yes he did" 

       We continued to dance all the to the last dance at 3:00am  She was impressed and excited of our time together. I told her that I was an Author also and gave her my card to download my book ( I know what your think. very chessy thing to do)

        At the end of the night it was journey of  fun, meeting new people and dancing into 2017!

     Happy New Year to everyone!

Bella and Jim

The people partying the night away

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