Friday, January 27, 2017

Journey to networking, interview and speaking event all in 1 day!

             It was amazing day of learning, speaker and socializing on the road.

                 1st pitstop was The Networker event held by Vito Marchese at  The Avenue Banquet Hall  (Steeles and Allen road area)  It great to meet and networking for a few hours.

                 2nd I had interview for inside sales position for dental wholesaler.

           Last stop was my monthly Public Speakers Association with Keynote speaker Marcio Mendes, he shared insights on meditation and mindfulness.

                 An awesome day on the go doing what I like Learn, Speak and Socializing!


Jim pagiamzis at Christie Pits in the morning

Hey Its my name on The Networker banner

Constant Contact Banner

Golf booth at The Networker event

The Networker Panorama of the room

my late lunch at Tim Horton Yorkdale

Collage of tanks and Plane at installation on Allen and Sheppard

Marcio Mendes sharing at Public Speakers Association

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