Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book review: That'll never work

 Had the great experience to volunteer at the Globe and Mail Small Business Summit on November 22, 2012. It was great day listening and learning from entrepreneurs from various organizations share their success and failures and what made them succeed in their journey.

"Without this preserverance, I don't think we would have gotten started"

"In the early days we went to a lot of seminars and brought in consultants to guide us. We have always surrounded ourselves with right people. One of key success factors  is seeking advice, analyzing it, and then making proper strategic decisions. At the end of the day yo have to believe in yourself, believe in your team, and make things happen"

Wayne Renick, Alf Garvin, Brent Boyle
Retail Sports memorbilia & clothing
Founded Red Deer, Alberta 1989

"Really , we're much more like a mattress store than, say, a pharmacy. You buy a mattress every eight years. You might go into the pharmacy every month. We don't have the luxury of that kind of constant contact. People actually buy glasses every three years, depending on their coverage, so we've got to kill them with kindness whenever we get the chance.

Stephen McIntosh
Factory Optical/ Optiks International/Eyecandy optiks

"I went to Australia, where I had a lot of "windshield time". I took buses, backpacked, and just kind of followed the countryside. And I read like a madman, searching for an answer to my many questions. One of the books I read was The E-Myth by Michale Gerber, which asked whether you planned to work in your business or on your business.

I remember I was in Townsville and there was this huge cyclone. It was out the road and the bus was stuck. We couldn't go back or forward, and I had nothing but time on the bus. I remember thinking right at this point, "if it's going to be, it's up to me." I had to decide I was not ready to quit. I needed to pull myself back up and make think work. I needed to listen. I needed to learn. At that moment, everything changed. A light went on.

Maybe it's kismet, but is was shortly after this that I connected with my first mentor, Kim McConnell, and soon after that we started landing some really good contracts. I had  a new mindset: I had made the decision to  succeed. We got through it, but it was an experience I will remember for a long time.

Jory Lamb
Type of Business: Software & Consulting
Founded. Calgary, Alberta 1996

"Some people say I'm lucky. There is some truth to this, but luck brings you is opportunity. I always say  opportunity knocks at your door. If you don't open the door to let it in, it's going to go and knock on someone else's door. As much as these early opportunities came my way, I also made them happen, relying on passion, drive and my willingness to put in a lot of hard work. The harder I worked the luckier I got.

Steve Gupta
Real Estate Developer, hotelier
Founded: Port Hop, Ontario,1979

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