Friday, January 25, 2013

Society of Internet Professional 15th Anniversay event

The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) celebrated its 15th Anniversary on January 15, 2013 at the Toronto City Hall.

It was a memorable event, we had great presentations by Jim Sterne & James Standen (see below). Review what some attendees have said:

I have attended yesterday's event for the first time, and really enjoyed it. The speakers were excellent, Made few connections which I hope will mature into business. ..... Danny Dechtiar
"Presentations were informative and succinct. I liked the networking component. Phenomenal Event"
Leslie Shernofsky

Two of many Tweets
Take a peek at the memorable photos of the event, courtesy of Olga Goubar, Justin McMakin and Jim Pagiamtzis.

The Art of Analytics - Keynote
The technical tools continue to lead the industry with their ability to collect and integrate more disparate data, and to visualize it in the most striking ways. We will discuss what is web analytics, the art of analytics and what is takes to be a true artist in the field.

Jim Sterne is an international consultant focused on measuring the value of the online marketing for creating and strengthening customer relationships since 1993. Sterne has written seven books on using the Internet for marketing, produces the eMetrics Summit -

e-Metrics and Web Analytics Presentation
Video Clip of Jim's presentation, posted by Jim

Data Data Data- The Evolution of Google Analytics
Google announced over a year ago that they would enter the paid, enterprise web analytics market. Google has a far reaching strategy that has huge implications on the market.
James Standen founder of nModal has over a decade of experience in data management and business intelligence. James founded nModal in 2008 believing that data will continue to become more central , and he is excited at the chance to play a part in developing tools that help
The Evolution of Data

Video Clip of James' presentation, posted by Jim
Part 1
Part 2

Returning to Toronto in 2013, as part of Data Driven Business Week, eMetrics Summit offers the most comprehensive and forward thinking forum on best practices, tools and techniques to optimize successful marketing programs.

nModal Solutions Inc. has created the Analytics Canvas framework. Designed for large scale, automated data extractions and transformations from even hundreds of sources, It provides a powerful way to get at Google Analytics Data using the Google APIs to their fullest and is used by companies around the world.

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