Thursday, January 17, 2013

Journey in meeting Idan McAnuff

                                               Jim Pagiatmzis and Idan McAnuff at health club                                              

In 2010 I was on the treadmill burning calories at Extreme Fitness at Bay and Bloor when attendee began to use the treadmill beside made a connections which has made an impact on my life thus far.

On the back on his shirt it said "Mentor" and I couldn't resist asking him about it. Since I currently am being mentored and have written article and book on the subject.

His name was Idan McAnuff  from Scarborough,Ont and he was 24 years old. He worked in a group home for kids who were in transition and beginning to better their lives.

He also worked part-time as a basketball councilor for an after school program teaching kids the importance of reading and playing basketball.

We had lots in common since I do teach Junior Achievement of Ontario and serve as judge for Deca conference for the past 3 years.

It was great opportunity to have him as my work out partner couple of days a week the gym to keep me motivated and on track with my goals

I also introduced him to my business partner and author Patrick Bizindayvi who has great success a basketball coach in Burudi (South Africa).

Patrick Bizindayvi connected with Idan McAnuff  shortly thereafter and Patrick Bizindayvi ended up visiting and speaking with the students. He had a great time!

I remember getting calls and texts from both of them gratefull in connecting them.

The after school program has great support from the Toronto Raptors, they get to attend a game during the season and Demar Derozan had visited the students many times to speak and play basketball with the students

I appreciated Idan friendship and accountability and encouragement his gives me at the gym

He keeps on eye on me when I am lifting weights and pushes me to reach new levels on weekly basis

We have had fun also. I bought in these huge Incredible Hulk gloves to the gym witch say "Hulk smash" when you touch them. Idan was left speechless just for the fact of bring them to the gym!

He has come to my Power talk which I had in July 2011 where did some video for me and I went to his birthday part later in year where I lots of fun dancing to some interesting house music!

We do have an age difference I am 42 and his 24, but as his shirt said the word Mentor. I have mentored him and his has mentored me in various ways.

That's amazing in my books and that's a part of being on a journey of success.

The people you meet and the activities you share have impact on many.

Moral of  story: You will connect with people in various ways from having a phone conversation to meeting at event. You never know where you will take you unless you ask

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