Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book review: Pirate Latitudes by Michale Crichton

 Many years ago I read the Lost World by Michale Crichton and then watched the movie, I was very disappointed with how much they changed the movie even the ending (my apologies for the spoiler).

I have read Prey which was an exciting and action packed read. Still waiting for the movie! There has been lots written about the movie online and how it may be difficult to do, NOT! just watch Transformers Rise of the Fallen. There is a scene where small nano bots break into state of the art security centre to steal a piece of remaining form the  the cube from the first film.

 Pirate Latitudes was an interested read based in 1667 where various pirates were in a quest to find gold that was lost at sea. As you read  you become part of the journey of all the characters. The actions sequence are impactfull and interested and in many cases very funny

There are some familiar characters who you will recognize from previous films. (no spoiling it for you this time) and this adds to the adventure of reading the book

 I do hope the Prey and Pirate Latitudus turn into films in the near future. 

 Michael Crichton has since left us but his books and movies are amazing to read and watch.


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